Can you make your own dog sling? For stylish slings, go to KIBUNTENKA

Can you make your own dog sling? Introducing how to make it using furoshiki!

Dog slings can be made by hand using everyday items such as furoshiki. Learning how to make a sling will come in handy in emergencies. Handmade slings are easy to make and convenient, but if you use them on a daily basis, please consider purchasing one.

You can make your own dog sling using furoshiki! Introducing how to make it

Various furoshiki

Dog slings are a popular item that can be made by hand using everyday items. If you make it by hand, you can design it to suit your dog's characteristics and preferences, and create a stylish sling that is uniquely your own. Here we will show you how to make a homemade dog sling using furoshiki, and we will also explain precautions to use it safely, so please use it as a reference.

You can make your own dog sling

Dog slings can be made by hand, so more and more people are making them using items from 100 yen stores or furoshiki. The beauty of handmade items is that you can customize the design with your favorite colors and patterns.

The fabric you use should be chosen according to your preference and your dog's comfort level, and should be large enough to fit your dog perfectly. As a guide, 150cm of 110cm wide cloth is sufficient, but you can avoid mistakes by measuring the length from shoulder to waist in advance. By creating a design that takes advantage of the dog's characteristics, such as adding your dog's name, you can create a wonderful and original sling.

How to make a dog sling using furoshiki

I will show you how to make a dog sling using furoshiki. It's very easy to make.

  1. Prepare a square furoshiki.
  2. Connect the two diagonal corners of the furoshiki. This gives the furoshiki a triangular shape.
  3. Tie the remaining corners together in the middle.

A simple dog sling is now complete. Slings made from furoshiki are stylish and feature traditional pattern designs, and are recommended as handmade slings.

In addition, dog slings made from furoshiki cloth can be easily made without the need for a sewing machine, making them a convenient item that can be used whenever you want. However, there are limits to the strength of handmade slings. Therefore, it is dangerous to continue using it for a long time. We recommend that you only use it for a short time, and if you plan to use it on a daily basis, you should purchase a special dog sling.

Points to note when making your own dog sling

There are a few things to keep in mind when making your own dog sling.

Choose durable fabrics

An important factor in using a sling safely is the choice of fabric used. Choose strong, durable fabrics to create a sling that will last a long time. In addition, if you choose a material that is soft to the touch and has excellent breathability, you can use it comfortably regardless of the season.

Design the depth to be comfortable for your dog

When making your own, design the size so that your dog will fit comfortably under the added weight. The bottom of the sling must be adjusted to a depth that is comfortable for the dog. If it is too deep, it will be difficult for your dog to move, and if it is too shallow, it may become unstable, so it is important to adjust it according to the size of your dog.

Attach the pop-out prevention string

To prevent your dog from jumping out of the sling, you need to make sure to attach the anti-jump leash. The length of the leash should be set so that the dog can touch the ground with its feet. It's important to carefully construct a sling with your dog's safety and comfort in mind.

Homemade dog slings have the advantage of being able to be designed to your liking, but it can also be difficult to ensure adequate safety. If you want to use a sling on a daily basis, we recommend purchasing one at a store.

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Dog slings are easy to make and can be made by hand. Slings can be made from a variety of materials, but if you know how to make one from furoshiki, it is useful in the event of an emergency. However, they are not very safe, so if you are looking for a professional and reliable sling, we recommend purchasing a dog sling from a specialty store. You can rest assured that our highly reliable sling will keep your dog safe and comfortable.

KIBUNTENKA's dog slings feature beautiful colors and unique patterns, and are attracting attention from those who seek originality and unprecedented designs. We not only focus on design, but also on the comfort and safety of our customers' beloved dogs, and are particular about materials and design. The material is 100% cotton and the spacious design allows you to create a comfortable space. If you are looking for a sling that brings out the best in your dog and allows you to feel its individuality, please try KIBUNTENKA's dog sling.

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