If you are looking for a dog carrier! What is African batik that is popular these days?

What is African batik, which is becoming increasingly popular in items for dogs?

African batik is the wax dyeing that can be seen in the folk costumes of West Africa and other countries. This dog carrier made of African batik has an attractive unique pattern, and you can enjoy fashion while taking a casual walk.

Explaining the popular fabrics used in KIBUNTENKA baby carriers!

building blocks of history

African batik is a fabric made using the batik technique, which is seen in the folk costumes of West Africa and other countries. African batik has become increasingly popular in Japan in recent years, and in addition to dresses and bags, it is also used for dog clothes and baby carriers. Here we will explain the history and characteristics of African batik, so please use it as a reference.

History of African batik

The name "African batik" is not an official name, but it has been known as African print or wax print. There are various theories about the origin of African print, and it is said that it is different in West Africa and East Africa, so I will explain the origin and history of each.

West Africa

In West Africa in the 19th century, the Dutch colonial rule introduced batik techniques originating from Indonesia. This was aimed at industrialization, and the Dutch attempted to develop the industry by mechanizing batik and mass producing it. However, this technology never caught on in the batik market.

Therefore, when the Dutch exported batik fabric to their colony of West Africa, it became popular and became popular within the country.

east africa

It is believed that in East Africa during the 15th and 16th centuries, there was a custom of wearing clothing made of cotton cloth with decorations such as jewels and gold. Trade has been active in East Africa since ancient times, and cloth was exchanged around the world.

Based on this historical background, a cloth called kanga developed and appeared, which is made of a single piece of cotton cloth.

Kanga was originally a cloth product made by stitching together multiple handkerchiefs for women to use as wrappers, and its use became widespread as a way to enjoy fashion. This tradition continues today, especially in areas such as Kenya.

Swahili proverbs and words of love are inscribed in the center of the cloth, which is one of the unique features of the kanga.

African batik colors and patterns

African batik is known for its unique colors and patterns. The background is that it was originally introduced from Indonesia, and the design is characterized by a strong influence from that.

Incorporating flowers, birds, animals, and geometric patterns, these designs are expressed in extremely vibrant colors.

Furthermore, one of the charms of African batik is that the production cycle is fast in the African cloth market, so there are few chances to find cloth with the same design. This gives you the feeling that the fabric you have is unique and special.

How to make African batik

There are two ways to make African batik: wax printing and fancy fabric.

Wax printing is a traditional Indonesian technique in which patterns are drawn on cloth using melted wax and then dyed. The waxed areas are not dyed white and appear as a pattern. Additionally, by drying the wax, you can create unique crack patterns. When the dropped wax solidifies into a ball, it is characterized by the appearance of white unevenness or spots on the fabric. In addition, by layering various colors, the vivid coloring becomes attractive.

Fancy fabric, on the other hand, uses a manufacturing method that uses digital printing technology, and began to become popular after African countries achieved independence. This method prints directly onto the cotton fabric, making it cheaper than wax printing.

Fancy fabrics are relatively simple in color and design, with subdued patterns and less flashy colors. In addition, designs that incorporated trendy elements, with a wide variety of geometric patterns and lace designs, also became popular. For this reason, compared to wax prints, fancy fabrics tend to be valued for their more varied and flexible designs.

In this way, you can enjoy different designs and colors of African batik depending on how it is made. We recommend choosing a pattern that matches your favorite design and mood.

Feel special with a dog carrier made from African batik

African batik walking bag

African batik has been used as a folk costume mainly in West and East Africa for over 100 years, and is characterized by its bright colors and various patterns such as flowers, birds, animals, and geometric patterns. This is the fabric.

African batik, which utilizes Indonesia's traditional batik dyeing technique, has been attracting attention in Japan in recent years, and is increasingly being used in items such as dresses, stoles, dog carriers, and shoulder bags for walking.

African batik pet items, featuring bright colors and bold patterns, add style to the spaces you share with your pet. It is also effective as a fashion or interior accent.

KIBUNTENKA handles items for dogs using African batik. With a focus on design and functionality, we offer pet supplies in a variety of colors and patterns. We have carefully considered the comfort and safety of your pet, so you can use it with confidence. The appeal of this product is that you can choose from a variety of designs to match your own tastes and the characteristics of your pet, so if you are looking for a unique item, please give it a try.

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