Do some research before looking for a dog carrier! Types and uses of carry bags

There are various types other than baby carriers! Explaining the types and uses of dog carrier bags

Dog carrier bags are useful in a variety of situations, including hospitals, public transportation, travel, and during disasters. There are different types of backpacks, crates, dog carts, and slings, so it is important to choose one that suits the purpose and size of your dog.

When do you need a dog carrier? Explanation of types and uses!

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When going out with your pet, a carrier bag is convenient because it doesn't shake as much when you move it, reducing the burden on your pet. Here we will explain the types and uses of dog carrier bags.

Uses of carry bags

A carrier bag is a bag that you can put your pet in and move it safely. We will explain the scenes where carry bags are useful.


Many dogs get excited when going to the hospital. By using a carry bag, you can reduce the risk of your child getting violent and you can spend your waiting time in peace. Especially if your baby has just been born, they are not used to going to the hospital, so it is safer to transport them in a carrier bag.

Additionally, if your dog moves around in the car during the trip to the hospital, it may cause injuries or accidents. By using a carrier bag, you can restrict your dog's movement and ensure safety.

When choosing a carrier bag, if your dog is afraid of hospitals, choosing a carrier bag that can be blindfolded will increase their sense of security. Also, if you are too excited to take the injection out in the carry bag, we recommend choosing a soft type that is easy to retain and administer injections in the carry bag.

Traveling by public transport

In most cases, the movement of animals is restricted on public transportation, with the exception of service dogs such as guide dogs. For this reason, many public transportation systems require you to carry your device in a carry-on bag. There are some carry bags that allow parts of your face or legs to be exposed, but in many cases this is prohibited.

Also, some public transportations do not allow the use of cloth drawstring bags, so be sure to check the size regulations and types of carry bags that can be used before boarding.


Carrying bags are also useful when traveling. When you travel, you will be around not only your family but also other passengers, so there is a possibility that you may get injured or get injured. To prevent such troubles, it is wise to travel with a carry-on bag.

Evacuation during disasters

Japan has many earthquakes and typhoons, and you may need to evacuate in the event of a disaster. When evacuating with your pet, it's convenient to have a carry bag not only when you're moving, but also when you're spending time at the evacuation site. In order to avoid panic, it is important to practice eliminating your fear of carrying bags on a daily basis.

Types of carry bags

There are various types of carrier bags for pets. Choosing the type of carrier bag according to the occasion and purpose of use can reduce the burden on owners and pets. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of stylish carry bags with a wide variety of designs. If you want to compare materials and designs before purchasing, it is easy to use online shopping.


This is an orthodox type of carry bag. It is made of hard materials such as metal and plastic, making it sturdy.

For public transportation such as Shinkansen trains and airplanes, crates are recommended so that they do not lose their shape even if you place something on top of them.

It can also be used as a house, so you can use it with confidence not only during disasters and when traveling to hospitals, but also when spending time at evacuation sites.

Ruck sack

A backpack-type carry bag is convenient for traveling and shopping. The backpack type allows both hands to be free and the bottom is solid, so the dog's posture is stable.

In addition, since the center of gravity does not shift to one side when holding it, it is easy to use even for medium-sized dogs and is suitable for long-distance travel. With a space capsule or mesh design, you can even see your pet's face while moving.

dog cart

This carrier bag is suitable for traveling on foot and is used to push a basket containing your pet.

To prevent heatstroke in the summer, we recommend placing an ice pack in your dog's cart. However, since ice packs are bulky, they may be a little difficult to move. In addition, there is a risk of falling on unpaved roads or on days with strong winds, so be careful not to let your pet escape or get injured.

Sling (carrying string)

Also called dog sling or sling bag. It allows your dog to be in close contact with your body, making it easier for your dog to relax, and it's easy to fold up into a small size when not in use.

Slings that can be opened and closed with a zipper may be able to be used on some public transportation, but be sure to check in advance to see if they can be used.

However, please note that cloth slings do not have a stable bottom and require firm support for your dog, which can place a heavy burden on the owner when traveling for long periods of time.

It is important to choose a pet carrier bag according to the situation.

Chihuahua in a carrier bag

There are many different types of carrier bags, and it is important to choose the one that best suits your pet's type, size, and purpose. During hospital visits, using a carrier bag will make it easier for your pet to move, ensure safety, and reduce anxiety for your pet. In addition, in most cases, it is mandatory to use a carry-on bag on public transportation.

When choosing a carrier bag, consider the size of your pet and the situation in which you plan to use it, and choose one that is safe and will not put a burden on your pet. Recently, there have been a wide variety of carry bag designs, so you can have fun choosing the one that suits your taste.

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