Hold your Chihuahua using a dog carrier! What is the best way to hug someone?

What are the benefits of holding a Chihuahua and how to hold it well? Use a dog carrier

In order to hold a Chihuahua well, it is important to support the abdomen, stabilize the buttocks, and keep them close to the body. Pick up the child, being careful not to put strain on the shoulder joints. If this is difficult, a dog carrier may be helpful.

Once you get him used to being held, your range of activities with your Chihuahua will expand! What is the best way to hug someone?

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For small dogs such as Chihuahuas, there are many benefits to getting them used to being held regularly. However, cuddles also have disadvantages. Before learning the correct way to hold your dog, it is important to first understand the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of holding a Chihuahua

There are three benefits to holding a Chihuahua:

Expand your range of action

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest breeds of small dogs, so although there are individual differences, they are not very good at walking around crowds. If you let your dog walk too much, there is a risk of putting too much stress on the heart, joints, and bones, and in the worst case scenario, it may cause disability. If you limit your pet to walking distance, it will limit its range of activity, but if you can hold it, you can expand its range of activity.

If your Chihuahua is used to being held, it will be easier to deal with situations where your Chihuahua doesn't want to walk or wants to sit down.
Additionally, being able to hold your pet right away when needed, such as when visiting the veterinary clinic, grooming salon, or passing through crowds, will not only make the journey smoother, but will also give your pet a sense of security.

You can have skinship

By holding each other, you can see each other's faces and see each other's expressions, making it easier to build trust and deepen your bond.
Another benefit of holding your pet is that you can see their face clearly, so you can check their health, and you can quickly notice any abnormalities.

Leads to consideration for the surroundings

Holding your child also makes them more considerate of their surroundings. In recent years, there have been an increase in the number of places where you can go out with your dog, including shops and lodging facilities where you can bring your dog for shopping.
However, not all users around you are dog lovers. There are some people who don't like it or who have allergies, so it's a good idea to hold them in order to be considerate of those around them.
Holding can also be an effective method if your dog gets excited about unfamiliar places or other dogs, and there is a risk that he may come into contact with or threaten other people or dogs.

Disadvantages and precautions of holding a Chihuahua

There are not only advantages but also disadvantages and precautions when holding a Chihuahua.
One of the disadvantages of holding your dog is that if you hold your dog too much, they will develop a habit of holding you. There are many cases where your dog doesn't want to walk when you go for a walk, or ends up meowing or barking, begging to be held no matter where you are.
This can lead to the dog believing that the owner is inferior to him. Also, if you hold your pet all the time, they may become less active, which could lead to obesity, so be careful.

Some Chihuahuas find it difficult to be held. Once your dog doesn't like being held, it's difficult to get used to it again.
Possible reasons for a pet's dislike of being held include being held while being taken to the hospital, falling out of the owner's arms, or becoming uncomfortable with being held due to an unfamiliar holding method.

In order to get your dog to like cuddles again, you need to know how to hold them correctly and increase their positive experiences with cuddles.

How to hold a Chihuahua properly?

Here's how to properly hold your Chihuahua.
First, bend down and put your hand between your Chihuahua's front legs to firmly support its stomach. Next, use your other hand to stabilize your chihuahua's hips and pick him up, and your Chihuahua will feel comfortable holding you.

When holding your pet, keep your dog's butt stable and hold it as close to your body as possible to increase the sense of security.
If your cat doesn't like being held from the front, gently picking him up from behind will often calm him down.

However, avoid holding your dog (not just a Chihuahua) in a ``Banzai'' style where you lift your dog up with both hands from under the armpits. This is not recommended as it puts unnecessary stress on your dog's shoulder joints.

A carrier is recommended for holding your Chihuahua properly.

When holding a Chihuahua, it is also effective to use special goods.
There are two types of dog carriers: crossbody type and backpack type, and each has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

The cross-body type has the advantage of being easy to wear, but it may put strain on one shoulder, so if you plan to use it for a long time, you should check how comfortable it is to wear.

The backpack type allows the dog's weight to be distributed over both shoulders, so the burden is not placed only on one side. Another attractive feature is that it comes with a cover to hide your dog's face. However, it has the disadvantage that it is bulkier than a crossbody, making it difficult for the dog inside to change its position.

Both types are designed to safely hold your dog, so be sure to understand the pros and cons before choosing the right one. A baby carrier is very useful if you have difficulty holding your dog or if your hands are full.

A baby carrier comes in handy when it's difficult to hold! Let's go out with your dog in your arms

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When holding a Chihuahua, it is important to support the dog's buttocks to stabilize the dog's posture. Holding your Chihuahua has the advantage of expanding your Chihuahua's range of activities. However, you need to be careful as holding your dog too much can cause them to become addicted to cuddles or become obese, or they may see the owner as inferior to them and stop listening to you. It is also wise to avoid lifting your dog by putting both hands under his armpits, as this will put excessive strain on your dog's shoulder joints. Learn the correct way to hold your dog and deepen your relationship of trust with your dog.

If you find it difficult to hold your Chihuahua, a carrier may come in handy. Sling-type baby carriers are useful for walking, trimming, shopping, etc.

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