What is a dog sling? Explaining recommended usage scenarios and how to choose!

A dog sling that supports comfortable outings with your dog! Explanation of usage scenarios and how to choose

A dog sling is a dog carrier that allows you to easily carry your dog without using your hands. It is gaining popularity because you can quickly take it out and hold your dog when your dog stops walking or when it is dangerous to let him walk.

We will explain the recommended slings for going out with your dog.

Advantages and disadvantages

A dog sling is a popular item that has been modified for dogs to carry a human baby. By using this, you can use both hands freely when carrying your dog, making it easier to move than a carrier bag or pet cart. Here we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of dog slings, and how to choose one, so please use it as a reference.

Scenes when using a dog sling

Dog slings can be used in a variety of situations. First of all, it can be used when small dogs or elderly dogs find it difficult to walk long distances or are reluctant to walk halfway during daily walks or when going out. You can also use a dog sling to take your small dog with you when shopping or traveling. It is also a very useful item as a means of safely transporting your dog when moving through crowded areas or in the event of a disaster.

Advantages and disadvantages of dog slings

Although dog slings are highly convenient, they have advantages and disadvantages, so we will explain each one.


Using a dog sling strengthens the bond between you and your dog, allowing your dog to feel safe by being close to you. In addition, the owner can use both hands freely, making it convenient for carrying luggage and working. Dog slings support the dog's weight on the owner's shoulders and hips and hold it securely, reducing the burden on the owner.

Furthermore, it is lighter than carrier bags and pet carts, and can be folded and stored compactly when not in use, making it an easy-to-use item when you go out. Very useful for holding your dog in emergencies or crowded places.


Dog slings are primarily designed for small dogs and lightweight medium-sized dogs, and are not suitable for heavy medium-sized or large dogs. Also, long-term use may put strain on your shoulders. Dog slings may not be allowed on public transportation, and there may be restrictions on their use, especially during rush hours, so please check in advance.

How to choose a dog sling

When choosing a dog sling, the most important thing is to choose a sling that fits your dog's size and body shape. By choosing a wide strap or a padded sling, you can reduce the strain on your shoulders during long periods of use. Also, to avoid a situation where your dog jumps out, it is safe to choose a type that can be completely closed with a zipper or a type that has a string to connect the collar. Furthermore, if it is a compact type that can be folded, it won't add up to bulky luggage when you carry it around when not in use.

In addition, it is also effective to consider the shape of a sling, bag, backpack, etc., depending on the usage situation, and to choose from your favorite materials and designs. In either case, choose a sling that your dog will feel comfortable with.

KIBUNTENKA slings feature vibrant fabrics and colorful, sophisticated and fashionable designs. It combines functionality and fashion, and is popular among people who want to enjoy special moments with their dogs in a more fun and stylish way. This item is recommended for owners who value expressing their individuality and enjoying fashion.

Popular for its colorful design! Dog slings made by KIBUNTENKA

Dog sling (blue hose)

A dog sling is the perfect item to easily carry and transport your dog. By using this sling, you can safely move your dog with less strain. Because you can use both hands freely, it is easier to move than a carrier bag or pet cart, and it is very convenient when it is difficult to walk your dog, such as on daily walks or in emergencies.

KIBUNTENKA sells a variety of items that allow you to enjoy the style of yourself and your dog. Dog slings are designed with great attention to detail and feature wide shoulder straps to reduce the burden on the shoulders. In addition, the length of the sling is adjustable, so it can be tailored to a wide range of age groups and body types, from children to adults.

A dog sling is the perfect item to strengthen your special bond with your pet. KIBUNTENKA's dog slings come in a wide variety of colors, and we also have many designs that have never been seen before, such as gorgeous and distinctive patterns and paisley patterns. If you are looking for a stylish sling, please try KIBUNTENKA's sling.

If you would like to purchase a dog sling recommended for going out, please visit KIBUNTENKA.

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