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Pet sofa (pet cushion)

Pet sofa (pet cushion)

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I want a stylish pet sofa. This is a pet sofa (pet cushion) that embodies this idea. The glossy material brings a sense of luxury to your room. The entire piece is all black, making it perfect for any room. You can also customize it to your favorite color with the multi-sheet sold separately. Try incorporating fashion into your pet supplies.

If you purchase the multi-sheet (sold separately) at the same time as the sofa, you can purchase only one sheet at half price for 1,400 yen! Please take this opportunity to take a look at the multi-sheet as it can be used for multiple purposes such as a sofa, a crate, and a carry bag.

  • Design: Made of thick cushions and glossy silk quilting, it has a luxurious design.
  • Size: Width 50cm✖️Depth 36cm✖️Height 19cm (Can also be placed in a house)
  • Comes with 10 fabric hooks for tying multi-sheet ribbons.
  • The cushion can also be removed and washed. Safe and secure domestic production. We use luxurious materials that are used in futons.
  • Made in Japan
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