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Pet sofa cover, multi-seat

Pet sofa cover, multi-seat

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Introducing a multi-seat from KIBUNTENKA that allows you to spend time with your pet at any time! This is a multi-purpose sheet that can be used not only as a sofa cover, but also as a crate, carrier bag, pet cart, etc. If you can use the same things when you're out and about as you do at home, your dog will have a safe and secure environment.

If you purchase the set with the pet sofa (sold separately), you can get half the price! We are currently offering a discount of 1,400 yen. Please take this opportunity to enjoy it with your sofa. We also recommend bringing 2 or 3 sheets with you to wash your clothes and change your mood.

  • It comes with 10 ribbons, so it can be used in multiple ways depending on the size of the crate or house you use (please cut off any unnecessary ribbons).
  • Size: 38cm✖️55cm (also useful for hiding the crate)
  • Made in Japan
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